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Celebrate your travel triumphs by grabbing a large rock and hoist that bad boy! You’ll feel the blood rush right to your primal soul, which coincides nicely with a pump in your deltoids, core, and triceps.  Now share it with other like-minded travel savages on our Twitter page @rockhoist

It feels good, doesn’t it? It should, it’s based on a proud history of human rockhoisting. 4,500 years ago, thousands of Egyptians were lured to the exotic site of the first pyramids by a free beer tasting. After a few rounds, happy citizens were naturally compelled to hoist rocks, next thing you know…BAM! 1st wonder of the ancient world, thank you very much.

Wherever your wanderlust takes you, be sure to leave your mark. Grab hold of a rock and thrust it triumphantly skyward. Damn it feels good to be a rockhoister. Also that might be the only time in eons that noble rock got a birds-eye view of its own neighborhood. Nice work. You’re a sweaty, rockhoisting, vagabond, bohemian, genius, pirate! Pass it along, brothers and sisters! Hell, who knows what we can build with some rocks and a kindred spirit …

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