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Between training  and work, I’ve somehow found time to whip up an application which I have personally found very useful in MMA training. The name isn’t concrete, but for now, I’m calling it “openmat”.

The primary goal of openmat is to allow people training in combat sports to track their progress and capture information learned in training sessions.

Here’s a short preview of openmat’s early features:

Update 25/08/2015

Openmat is live here.


The moves area allows you to capture any information relating to an individual movement: anything from a jab to a berimbolo.



This is the part which I am really excited about: plans allow you to chain move sequences together to map out your game plans.

Tag your moves appropriately, e.g., “submission”, “sweep”, “punch”, etc., and the plan visualizer will group move types using nice icons and colors.



Keep track of training drills,  seminars, competitions, gradings, etc., or simply take general notes on training sessions (I like to detail my superfights here, or interesting sparring bouts).



The profile area allows you to recognize your developments in training by adding achievements and milestones.


More to come soon!

Pegleg out! *disappears back into code den*